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Interactive marketing

Interactive marketing is also known as trigger-based or event-driven marketing. The real meaning of interactive marketing is the market strategy that uses two-way communication channel between consumer and the company directly. Although the dealing occurs between the persons, in the past few years internet played a vital role in connecting both by means of email, social media, and blogs. This type of marketing is applicable to all organizations like business to business and business to consumer, high and low transaction businesses, pre-scale prospect management and post-sale customer management. The most common application is using it as a lead generator in sales funnel.

Search engine marketing, email marketing, sponsorships, blogging, widgets, social networking, targeting, and offline activation are some forms of interactive marketing. Most of the smallest and localized companies will create or maintain blogs and websites to know the feedback from the customers. Larger companies use technical resources like Youtube videos, design dynamic ads, expand websites, and lot more through which they reach the customers directly. Using interactive marketing one can increase sales, increase customer satisfaction, lower marketing costs, and the lot more benefits is available to the entrepreneurs for their business growth. Satisfying the customer needs is the first priority for most entrepreneurs.